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We have advanced hydraulic hose producing equipment in our hydraulic hose workshop, including 18 automatic high-speed hydraulic hose braiding machines, 5 steel wire spiral machines. 100% inspection before shipment. All the products are produced according to SAE standard, DIN standard. To find out more details, click the button to watch the video.

We manufacture and provide a variety of hydraulic hoses, fittings, assembly and crimping machine for different hydraulic applications

Steel Wire Spiral Hydraulic Rubber Hose

Steel wire braided hoses can be used to transport petrochemicals and hydraulic fluids under relatively high pressures and temperatures.

Fittings & Couplings

We are also supplier/distributor of fittings and couplings , can supply a wide range of couplings on your request. Our proven channels will ensure that you are satisfied with the product.

Steel Wire Braided Hydraulic Rubber Hose

It is an extremely flexible hose designed to operate at high working pressures and finds its applications on modern construction, marine, mining, and forestry equipment.

Crimping Machines

Our Partner is China leading manufacturer of hydraulic crimping machines, can produce a variety of crimper, hose cutting & skiving machines and testing benches.

Main Industries We Serve

BOJUE has over 20 years of experience providing hydraulic hoses, fittings, and assemblies for many different hydraulic applications



Most mining equipment requires the use of hydraulic hoses. From scrapers, dozers and drill rigs in surface mining to continuous miners and longwall systems in underground mining, hoses ensure hydraulic fluid is distributed through the machinery.

Construction Machine jackhammer breaking asphalt of the road


Most construction equipments require the use of hydraulic hoses, such as excavators, skid loaders, scrapers, pavers, earth-moving machines, dump trucks, loaders, tractors, fork trucks, sweepers. Hoses ensure hydraulic fluid is distributed through the machinery.


Petroleum & Gas

Hoses used in the oil and gas industry must be resilient and of high quality to properly support these complex operations. It’s widely used in drill rigs, fluid transfer, pipeline maintenance, cranes, inspection equipment, and petrol station filling pipes

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