Character and application of High pressure hydraulic hose

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  1. feature: press resistance and Bending radius

A high-pressure hydraulic hose is a kind of pipe system for the transportation of liquid or liquid power. It has the obvious features as following:

Firstly, the high-pressure hydraulic hose has excellent performance on anti-pressure and can withstand high-pressure liquid transportation.

Secondly, high-pressure hydraulic rubber has high flexibility and can adapt to complex pipeline layouts and meet the installation need in a narrow space as a result of the smaller bending radius. This enables it with an advantage to lay out in this situation in a narrow space and bending pipeline.

Firstly, it is widely used in industrial machines, such as metallurgical equipment, ming equipment, construction machine, etc. In these fields, high-pressure hydraulic hose is used to transport hydraulic oil, liquid coolant, and liquid power to achieve operation and control.

 Secondly, high-pressure hydraulic hose is also widely used in hydraulic systems, such as hydraulic cranes, hydraulic excavators, and hydraulic pulse-bed. They burden the task of transportation and control of the high-pressure liquid to ensure the machine operates smoothly.

3. Choose and maintain: choose the correct material  and inspect the usage condition

 You have to take account into the working pressure, temperature requirement, fluid type, and so on. According to the different working conditions and requirements, you need to choose suitable hose materials, such as rubber, polyurethane, or polyester fiber.

Furthermore, inspect the hose’s appearance and connected position regularly to ensure it has no problem of cracks, aging or abrasion, and so on. You have to replace a new hose to ensure its safe operation in time if you find an abnormal situation.

In addition, you should pay attention to the hose connecting parts to ensure a solid connection to avoid air leakage and accidental fall-off. Regularly cleaning the surface of the hose to remove the dirt and impurities will benefit to longer the using life.

Only according to the practical working condition and requirements, you can determine the material and specification when you choose a high-pressure hydraulic hose. Different working pressures, temperature requirements, and fluid types will make an important impact on your choice, such as rubber material with favorable sealing and anti-oil suitable for general working pressure occasions. Instead, the polyurethane material with favorable anti-pressure and anti-wear is suitable for high-pressure and high anti-wear situations. And the polyester fiber with light, flexible, and high anti-pressure character suitable for portability and high-pressure application.

4. Summarize

In short, a high-pressure hydraulic hose is a key component to ensure operate normal of industrial machinery and hydraulic system.

You are wise to choose a good hose that is made of suitable material and the size is just suitable for your application. Meanwhile, you need to inspect and maintain the hose regularly can ensure the hose’s performance and safety. Using and maintaining the hose correctly can improve the working efficiency, reduce the occurrence of breakdown and damage, and ensure the progress of produce smoothly.

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