What is the difference between wire spiral hydraulic rubber hose and wire braided hydraulic rubber hose?

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Wire spiral hydraulic rubber hoses and wire braided hydraulic rubber hoses are two different types of hydraulic hoses with distinct structures and characteristics.Different applications,different performance and effiencience.So clearly   learing about the two sizes hoses’ distinction will to help us enhance  the hose  actual  working efficiency.


Wire spiral Hydraulic Rubber Hose: A wire spiral hydraulic rubber hose is a type of hydraulic hose that is reinforced with multiple layers of high-strength steel wires arranged in a spiral pattern. This reinforcement provides the hose with exceptional strength and allows it to handle high-pressure hydraulic applications. These hoses are widely used in various industries for transmitting hydraulic fluids and maintaining the integrity of hydraulic systems.

Wire Braided Hydraulic Rubber Hose: A braided hydraulic rubber hose is a type of hydraulic hose that is reinforced with a layer of high-tensile steel wires braided around the inner tube of the hose. This braiding provides reinforcement and enhances the hose’s ability to handle pressure, making it suitable for various hydraulic applications.


Wire spiral Hydraulic Rubber Hose: This type of hose consists of an inner rubber tube surrounded by multiple layers of wire spirally spiral around it. These wires are usually made of high-strength steel.

Wire Braided Hydraulic Rubber Hose: In this hose, the inner rubber tube is reinforced with a layer of braided high-tensile steel wires. The braiding can be single or double-layered, with the wires crossing each other in a crisscross pattern.

Strength and Pressure Handling Capacity:

Wire spiral Hydraulic Rubber Hose: Due to the spiral winding of wires, these hoses exhibit high tensile strength and are capable of handling very high working pressures. They are suitable for heavy-duty applications and systems with high-pressure requirements.

Wire Braided Hydraulic Rubber Hose: While still strong, wire braided hoses generally have a lower pressure handling capacity compared to wire spiral hoses. They are commonly used in medium-pressure hydraulic systems.

Flexibility and Bending Radius:

Wire spiral Hydraulic Rubber Hose: These hoses are relatively less flexible due to the rigid spiral wire structure. They have a larger bending radius and are more suited for straight-line applications.

Wire Braided Hydraulic Rubber Hose: Wire braided hoses offer better flexibility and a smaller bending radius. This makes them suitable for applications requiring frequent bending and movement.

Abrasion Resistance:

Wire spiral Hydraulic Rubber Hose: The external wire winding provides good protection against external abrasion and mechanical damage.

Wire Braided Hydraulic Rubber Hose: The braided structure also contributes to abrasion resistance, although it might be slightly less effective in this aspect compared to the wire spiral hoses.


Wire spiral Hydraulic Rubber Hose: These hoses are often used in heavy machinery, construction equipment, mining, and high-pressure industrial applications.

Wire Braided Hydraulic Rubber Hose: They find applications in medium-pressure industrial machinery, mobile equipment, and systems where flexibility is important.


In summary, the choice between wire spiral and wire braided hydraulic rubber hoses depends on the specific requirements of the hydraulic system, including pressure levels, flexibility needs, and the intended application environment.

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